Machinery Advisory Technical File
QNET has European engineers to prepare Advisory Technical Files for most types of equipment.
Our engineers are experienced in electrical, mechanical,and civil engineering. They are actively involved in completing projects on injecting moulding machinery powered presses, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment,light curtains, printing machinery, mechanical handling and process equipment, to name but a few.
They have expert knowledge with all methods of explosion protection and in particular intrinsic safety, flameproof and increased safety methods of protection using European Standards EN 60079 through EN 61241.
Working throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan, they advise clients and validate the design of electrical control systems for machinery, hydraulic system design. low voltage safety and EMC.
Our principal engineering consultant is a design engineer with many years of experience in the design of machinery and electrical equipment. He has helped over 100 manufacturers achieve compliance with European Directives, ranging from highly sophisticated semiconductor production and robotic machinery to process and mechanical plant, cutting and forming machinery and mobile equipment.

How do we prepare your Advisory Technical File
  • You (the manufacturer) send to QNET, general assembly drawings showing mechanical details on the machine and a written description of the intended purpose of the machine and how it functions.
  • After review by QNET engineers, you are provided with a quotation for completing the Advisory Technical File and estimated completion time.
  • You complete the Advisory Technical File contract and return it along with additional technical information required by our engineers.
  • QNET engineers prepare your Advisory Technical File. To see what a CE Marking Advisory Technical File contains click here.
  • QNET provides you with the CE Marking Advisory Technical File in hard copy and on CDROM. A sixty day support is included for questions you may have.
  • Once the recommendations by our engineers have been implemented, or modified to, suit your needs, it is easy to convert the CE Marking Advisory Technical File into a finished CE Marking Technical File by simply editing the document.
  • Then final step is to prepare a Declaration of Conformity with the machinery and any other applicable European directives and to place the CE Mark on the machine.

  • Don't forget to appoint an EU Authorized Representative. QNET has an office in The Netherlands to act as your EU Authorized Representative for regulatory affairs. Details can be found here.

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